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About Us

We are Lumpy Lizard Reptile, Poultry, and Exotics Rescue (LLR), and trust me, if we'd known how complicated it would be to have such a long name, we would have tried harder. We don't take ourselves too seriously around here. 

Our mission is to improve the lives of local animals and educate the community regarding animal welfare and animal-related policy. While we focus on exotic animals listed in our name, we also assist with the "traditional" pet and wildlife when our supplies allow and the need exists. 

Jes grew up with pet snakes and exotics like chinchillas and ferrets. She started rescuing animals in 2012, and after years of intermittent  fostering of exotic pets and small animals like guinea pigs and ferrets, she decided in April of 2018 when Darwin arrived that we would shift our focus to fostering reptiles and exotics more exclusively. In early 2019, she gave up her position as a board member of a dog and cat rescue to formally establish a reptile and exotic animal rescue with the help of her friends and family. 

Since then, LLR has cared for over 150 exotic animals. We're not sure how we grew so fast, but we're looking forward to this continued expansion and we are grateful for your support. 

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