Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I see a list of your adoptable animals?

Please visit our Facebook and Petfinder pages. If you're not sure if a specific critter is still available, send us an email. Adopt before you shop by viewing our and other adoptable reptiles on

2. Where do our donations go? What are they used for?

More than 95% of donations went directly to animal care in 2021. You can view our 2021 Financial and Operational Report here. This will tell you more about the way donations are used.

3. Can I get a tax receipt for donating?

Absolutely! Just email with the subject line "Tax receipt" and we will get you one within 14 days of request.

4. Where can I send fan mail to Mary, Pixel, and any other permanent residents?

Please email us and we will get you that info. We hope to have a PO box for these requests later in 2022.

5. Can you take this dog or cat I found?

While we try to help all animals, we cannot take dogs and cats due to space restrictions and danger to the small and exotics animals we rescue and rehab.

6. Can you take the baby bird I found?

Maybe! There are a few things to sort out first. Does it have feathers, and can it hop? If so, in most cases this means the bird is fine where it is. These are called fledglings, and they live on the ground until they learn to fly. This is a natural part of their life cycle and shouldn't be interrupted by humans. If you have doubts or concerns, feel free to call us or a nearby rehabber for guidance. Photos are very helpful!

7. There are cats around that will eat the bird from the last question. Can you take it now?

It's definitely unfortunate that people don't keep their cats indoors, but we cannot take birds just because there are cats in the neighborhood.

8. I found an injured or orphaned animal. What do I feed it?

Nothing until you speak to a rehabber. Improper feeding will kill an animal MUCH faster than delayed feeding. MOST advice about what to feed animals you get online is wrong and can be deadly. Please call us or your nearest rehabber before giving an animal ANY food or water.

9. I found (insert exotic species here) and my friend told me I should feed it raw meat. Is this true?

Nope, please don't do that. Don't feed found animals without consulting a professional.

10. Do we really get asked that last question?

Oh, you betcha.

Still have questions? Contact us at