Our Permanent Residents

If you are looking for our adoptable animals, visit our Facebook or Petfinder pages or email us. Adopt before you shop by viewing our and other adoptable reptiles on Dubia.com.

Mary the Naked Neck Chicken

Rescued as an injured chick from a local retailer, she came in with a hip injury at just a few days old. She is now the queen of the place.


A green iguana who came to us with metabolic bone disease and a badly injured tail. Because of this, after surgery, her tail grew "curly." 


A savannah monitor who came to us from a home in Houston who could not care for her. She loves mealworms and threatening to bite people. 


A black tailed prairie dog who came to us from another rescuer. He spends his days demanding belly rubs. 


A  common snapper that cannot be released as he lost his beak, likely to another turtle, so he lives here at the rescue. 

Ron Swanson

A blue slate turkey we were asked to take in 2017. He acts as a livestock guardian for the rest of the flock. 


A leopard gecko that came to us with severe metabolic bone disease, and couldn't walk, only sort of scoot on her belly. She now chases worms with the best of them.


Hoss came to us from a local animal control. He is as docile as they get and he is our Education Ambassador.


A blind red eared slider turtle who cannot be released for obvious reasons. 


A boa imperator who came to us due to aggression issues. She is now about as docile as a snake can get. 


We no longer do dog rescue, but we did take in chunk and his six brothers and sisters when he was two weeks old. He is a mess of a dog but we love him.


Happy is a Nile Monitor that came from Florida as part of the Pet Amnesty Progran, where they are no longer legal to be kept as pets. Happy will live her days out as an education animal to inform others why Niles aren't the ideal pet.